Local planning context

In line with best-practice, our project team has held detailed pre-application discussions with planning officers at Coventry City Council to discuss the emerging proposals for the site.

As a privately-owned site, it has not previously been promoted for development. As such, it is a “windfall site” – a site not previously put forward for development which now has the opportunity to make a contribution to addressing the significant shortfall in Coventry’s planned housing delivery set out in the Coventry Plan.

With no policy-based constraints or designations, the disused private site has the potential to help meet Coventry’s housing need, as well as providing affordable housing in the form of much-needed retirement homes. This will be accompanied by a financial contribution to support the delivery of affordable housing off-site, ensuring that the proposal is compliant with local planning policy.

Our team has given careful consideration to policies relating to green space. As a private site that has historically been fenced-off from the surrounding community, the proposed development offers an opportunity to open up the site for the first time, delivering extensive areas of landscaped public open space incorporating new footpaths and cycleways, as well as play areas and recreation space for the use of the entire community. Significant new planting, including up to 700 native trees and hedgerow species will bolster habitat creation and enhance biodiversity.

Local Plan PDF
Download the Coventry City Council Local Plan PDF